Testimonials for Midwife Assisted Birth

“I chose home birth so I could have the utmost control over the environment I wanted my baby to be born into. I was able to choose the sights, sounds and smells that comforted me through out labor process. Without any unnecessary medical interventions I was able to feel what it was like to bring my “ALERT” baby into this world. What an all around amazing experience.”¬†-Brandy


“I cOlallahose to give birth at home because I came to the conclusion that the decision made by hospital staff during birth aren’t always the safest or healthiest for baby and mother, and that the hospital setting itself can con
tribute to health problems during and after birth. I also did not want to be separated from my other two daughters. What I did not realize at the time I was weighing the decision, was how much better the quality of prenatal care would be. My midwives home visits were informative, empowering, and comforting. Not only I, but also the rest of my family benefited from their wealth of knowledge.”¬†-Olalla


“My homebirth was beautiful. The birth and everything about it just, simply. . was. It hurt, and it was messy, and my husband and 2year old daughter were there, and I was tired, and my baby boy pushed and squirmed his way into the world, and eventually, I slept. I will always remember that birth, not just because it was something amazing, but because it was also “ordinary” in the sense that I believe giving birth in that way was exactly the way birth was meant to be. Like breathing or running or eating. Just something our bodies do.” – ¬†Krystal

“Homebirth is the way it’s supposed to be, with the strength and knowledge of caring women around you. “- Brittany

“I don’t trust doctors. At home you do it your way. The baby doesn’t go anywhere and it is comfortable. ” – John

“After Bethany Birthing Center closed, we researched several alternatives and felt homebirth was our best alternative. Even though we did not have an ideal homebirth, we had control not the doctors. If we are blessed with another pregnancy we WILL do everything in our power to have another homebirth.” – Cari and Damon

‘We chose homebirth because we wanted a more natural approach to childbirth. Additionally, I enjoy the personal one-on-one experience I receive from Robin at our prenatal visits. The birth was all that I expected and now we are expecting again in just 2 short years later we will use Robin again.” – Tasha

“After interviewing several midwives we were drawn to the peace and tranquility we felt in Robin’s presence. This was exactly the type of energy we wanted for our birth. We feel extremely blessed that Robin attended the birth of our son.” – Sarah

Millie_and_the_boys Silva

“As a woman, I understand my body and I trust it to function as it was designed. Having my babies at home gives me the space I need to tune in and give birth. Having a good midwife helps me to let go and know I will be safe.” Deseree

“I chose to have a homebirth because I wanted to have a choice! I wanted to be involved in the birth, and to believe in what was going on. My birth was amazing and I would not have wanted anyone else to care for myself or my baby.” – Toni

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